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Samuel_Waterhouse - Meet the Maker (Credit Jesse Wild - Photographer) (Courtesy of 'Homes


I am a self-taught jeweller and silversmith from Northumberland, now based in Cockpit Studios, Bloomsbury. I aim to create simple yet contemporary jewellery and silverware which has original inspiration from ancient art.

My work is therefore inspired by antiquity, particularly ancient painting, metalwork and ceramics. Dramatic contrast in terms of colour and form are extremely important in my work and I therefore usually begin a piece by creating a particular alloy or set of alloys of gold for that particular piece. I especially enjoy working within a gradient of white, green and yellow golds as well as fine gold, occasionally marrying these with oxidised/blackened silver in order to create an effective contrast. 

Samuel_Waterhouse - Further Images, Makers Process (Credit Jesse Wild - Photographer) (Cou
Samuel_Waterhouse - Further Images, Makers Process (Credit Jesse Wild - Photographer) (Cou

In my silverware particularly the ancient Korean technique of Keum-boo is a technique which I use often. This technique involves hand rolling fine gold to a fine foil and fusing it to the surface of fine silver. I have developed this technique however by fusing lower carats of gold to fine silver enabling the creation of colour patterns using 9 and 18ct white, green and yellow gold to decorate bowls and vessels.

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